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Did you know?

In 2014, 62% of graduate students received financial aid. Smith students graduated with an average of $24,758 in debt. The amount of money that Smith demands from each student is largely unrealistic for most Smithies. And the tools available for students to find funding are scattered all over the campus and on various websites in unnecessarily complicated, messy, and confusing ways that  can make finding funding almost impossible.

Searching for money on this campus can be a nightmare. If you are nervous about talking to administrators, have unanswered questions, can’t figure out where to go, need emotional support, or are simply overwhelmed with the confusing maze of funding at Smith, contact a Money Mentor.

Money Mentors are students who have have been there before, and are paid to provide support and guidance for Smithies struggling to find funding. Contact a Money Mentor below to schedule an appointment, or show up to Money Mentor office hours in the CC 102 from 7-9, Monday-Friday.
Email: [email protected]
Availability: WF 1-3PM
Email: [email protected]
Availability: MF 2-4PM
Email: [email protected]
Availability:TTH 8-10AM
Apply to be a money mentor

Do YOU have experience attempting to navigate the mess that is Smith funding? Do you want to be paid to share your experience, and try to make this goose chase easier for future Smithies? Do you want experience working within, and against, bureaucratic systems?

If so, please consider applying to be a Money Mentor.

Money mentors would:
  • Take 1-4 hour shifts in CC 102, and/or make your contact information available  on this site for students to contact you to set up appointments
  • Create personal, supportive relationships with fellow Smithies
  • Serve as a liaison between stressed students and stressful administration
  • Participate in training about classism and class at Smith
  • Provide ideas and critiques for how to make the Money Mentor program more effective
  • Have biweekly meetings with fellow Money Mentors to debrief and strategize for  how to best support students in financial need (these meetings will also be a place for Money Mentors to give each other support)